Artifact of the Week – Carved Bullet

Southeast Archeological Center archeologists Rusty Simmons, Amelia Jansen, Edith Gregory, and Kevin Porter recently returned from a metal detecting survey at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. btn_cltsun1_animatedTheir work was focused around the Wallis House, located on a parcel recently acquired by the National Park Service through a donating by The Cobb Land Trust, Incorporated, the same organization that partnered with the Kolb Farm Coalition to facilitate the park’s acquisition of the historic Kolb Farm – the site of the bloody May 1864 Battle of Kolb Farm.

The Wallis House was built by Josiah Wallis about 1853 and abandoned upon the approach of General Tecumseh Sherman’s armies. It had been used as a Confederate hospital. During the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain served as General Sherman headquarters during the Battle of Kolb’s Farm and as Union ’s headquarters during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

General Howard stands at the far left and General Sherman is seat in the center. Photo credit: wikicommons


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