The 5th Annual Tallahassee Science Festival


“Happy Anniversary” and “Happy Birthday” are still ringing in our ears. One after another, patrons of the 5th Annual Tallahassee Science Festival congratulated us on the National Park Service’s centennial (and SEAC’s semi-centennial) year!

clete-comparative-blurred-2Tim Roberts and Clete Rooney represented the Southeast Archeological Center at the Festival at Lake Ella on Saturday September 10th. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth! SEAC’s was one of more than 125 S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) exhibits.

An estimated 5,500 to 6,000 people turned up for the event. From 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., it was nonstop public outreach! No time for breaks. No time for lunch. Not even time to sneak away and check out some of the other exhibits but we had a nice corner spot next to the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab.

Did you see us in the Tallahassee Democrat?

Besides some great schwag like stickers, tattoos, bookmarks, and pencils, our booth featured a prehistoric pottery analysis activity. img_2817The younger visitors tried their hand at refitting a couple of replica effigy vessels and weighing sherds on a triple beam balance. With so many people passing through and so many different exhibits to experience, the pottery analysis workbook turned out to be a bit time-intensive, but a few visitors completed the entire activity. Kids and their parents got a kick out of being able to handle sherds from pots made by Native Americans hundreds or thousands of years ago. Later in the day, students from Florida State and Florida A&M University stopped by to share their support for the National Park Service and inquire about volunteer opportunities, future employment, and what classes they should take in order to become professional archeologists.


All in all the event was a success. We’re looking forward to our next big public outreach event on October 22nd at the Saint Marks Stone Crab Festival and San Marcos de Apalachee!

Don’t forget!

4th graders and their families get FREE admission to all National Parks as part of the Every Kid in a Park program.

Download your Junior Archeologist Program workbook here.


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