Artifact of the Week: HMS Fowey 9-Pounder

9 pounder cannon from the HMS Fowey

The Southeast Archeological Center manages more than 9 million artifacts in its collections. The largest object is a nine-pounder cast iron cannon recovered from the HMS Fowey shipwreck site at Biscayne National Park in 1983.

The Fowey is a British Navy frigate that sank in park waters in 1748. Two nine-pounder cannons were recovered, one during an underwater archeological project conducted by SEAC and the other by park staff shortly afterward. The two guns initially underwent conservation treatment at the Florida State Conservation Research Laboratory in Tallahassee.

After several years of outdoor display at Biscayne National Park, the two guns were retreated at the Texas A&M Conservation Laboratory and park staff then loaned one of the guns to SEAC for management and preservation in the Center’s storage facility in NPSCentennialLogo2005. The other cannon is currently on exhibit at the Biscayne National Park Visitor Center.

The cannon stored at SEAC has now been loaned to the Coral Gables Museum as part of an NPS Centennial exhibit of museum collection items from South Florida National Parks called This Land is Your Land that will continue through January 8, 2017.

Watch as SEAC archeologists bid a fond farewell to the cannon!

Featuring: Just Gone by King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band licensed under a Public Domain / Sound Recording Common Law Protection License.

Check out Biscayne National Park archeologist Charles Lawson’s on-site description of the HMS Fowey!


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