SEAC Honored with 2016 Preservation Award


Two Southeast Archeological Center archeologists are named among the winners of a 2016 Preservation Award from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation!

According to the Florida Trust’s press release:

Outstanding Achievement: Byrd Hammock Archaeological Site, Wakulla County

The Byrd Hammock archaeological site includes significant remains of two prehistoric cultures including two village sites, each with its own burial mound. It is also a site that has been heavily looted, and without Federal law enforcement protection, was in danger of being destroyed and the information it contains being lost forever. Individuals significant to protecting the site are Dr. Michael Russo and Jeffery Shanks of the National Park Service’s Southeast Archeological Center for their professional research at the Byrd Hammock site, the St. Marks Refuge Association, Inc. for successfully securing the donation of the site for the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, thereby affording it Federal protection, and the Rev. Lila Byrd Brown and family for their generous donation of 160 acres of land that includes 85% of this important archaeological site. Byrd Hammock is designated a National Historic Place.

russo and shanks

SEAC archeologists Dr. Michael Russo (left) and Jeffery Shanks (right) at Byrd Hammock

Did you know that the Byrd Hammock Preservation Project also received the Southeast Region’s Hartzog Park Volunteer Program Award?


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