Thanks for a Great Year!

NPS-SEACAs 2015 comes to a close and the centennial year of the National Park Service looms on the horizon, the Southeast Archeological Center would like thank everyone who has taken time to read our blog!

Our WordPress blog has spent most of the past three years in the backseat of a social media outreach program driven by our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Since July, our staff has taken more of an interest in contributing to the blog and as a result, you have taken more of an interest in what we have to say about what we do!

Check out some of this year’s feature series:

The Artifact of the Week 

15 Questions with an Archeologist

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bezemek cuis fort saint andrews
SEAC Archeologist Eric Bezemek excavating at trench at Fort Saint Andrews on Cumberland Island National Seashore.

The following are some links to our most viewed posts from the past year!

BLRI Saved By Grace

Saved by Grace, Mapped by Archeologists relates how archeologists from SEAC’s RASP section mapped historic cemeteries on Blue Ridge Parkway (BLRI). The results are currently being entered into ASMIS and digitized to create an interactive online GIS map for the public and professionals, alike.

BLRI Blacks in Grey

While mapping cemeteries at BLRI, archeologists recorded the grave of an African-American Confederate soldier. Were men like Humphrey Claytor few and far between? Blacks and Grey may raise more questions than answers.

SEAC Geology Intern GIS

Sarah Prentice describes her experience and the nature of some of her work in Geology student turned GIS intern.

SEAC internships are an excellent way to gain experience in the diverse aspects of archeology.

COWP Battlefield Survey

#SEAC2740 is the accession number for a SEAC AIC section metal detector survey at Cowpens National Battlefield. The project was an excellent opportunity to collaborate with the public and produced some interesting finds that have shed new light on the history of this Revolutionary War battle.

Watch a couple of SEAC videos:

Fort Saint Andrews mini-doc

Fort McPherson Meets Forks of the Road

Historic footage of Natchez Trace excavations

Check out SEAC’s YouTube channel!

The 100th anniversary year of the National Park jrbadgeService is the 50th anniversary year of the Southeast Archeological Center. SEAC would love to help you get in on the Every In A Park initiative that provides free entry to National Parks for 4th graders and their families. Consider earning a Junior Ranger Badge in Archeology.


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