Archaeologists for Autism

SEAC’s Thadra Stanton before getting her hands dirty at the Second Annual Archaeologists for Autism event in Titusville, Florida.

Last Saturday, SEAC Archeologists spent the day at the Second Annual Archaeologists for Autism event in Titusville, Florida! The event was designed to teach children with autism about archaeology in a fun, low stress environment. SEAC hosted two tables at the event where children learned about shell middens and about how Native Americans made pottery.

At the pottery table, kids were able to learn by doing – they used their hands and replica tools to make and decorate their own clay pot.
At the shell midden table kids searched for artifacts inside a shell midden exhibit and learned about zooarchaeology. 

The children had a lot of fun and asked some really great questions about archaeology and science. Thank you to Archaeologists for Autism for hosting such a fantastic event!

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