SEAC’s Morgan Smith in the news again


From: Suwannee River Area Council, BSA. The link, to a WFSU TV site, discusses some archaeology work a group from Texas A and M University is doing on a site on the Wacissa River, in Jefferson County, Florida.

The article mentions Morgan Smith (Eagle Scout) and the fact that this is his “dig” for his PhD. What’s interesting is how he got into this line of work. In May 2007 we went to a Boy Scout Merit Badge Class that allowed the boys to dig (with the supervision of the National Park Service!!!) for items located inside the 25 acres of the Andersonville Military Prison (Ga)/National POW Site. His group found a military button, and a glass bead.

He was hooked, and everything he has done since has been directed toward becoming an archaeologist. Funny, what can be the genesis of a career. Be careful what you bury. An Eagle Scout might find it in 12k years.

The video will air in September.


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