Week 4 of the Byrd Hammock project. We w

Week 4 of the Byrd Hammock project. We would like to thank our partners, St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, Archaeological Conservancy, Wakulla County Commission, Florida State University, and Louisiana State University for helping this project happen. Special thanks to all the volunteers who have sweated along with us! http://ow.ly/i/btJgD http://ow.ly/i/btJiY http://ow.ly/i/btJkv http://ow.ly/i/btJst http://ow.ly/i/btJlT http://ow.ly/i/btJnk http://ow.ly/i/btJqA http://ow.ly/i/btJtU http://ow.ly/i/btJwr