Chronicles of the Intern: Part 3

This is Part 3 of my internship blog series which covers my time in Administration

Following my days in Curation, I spent a week in Administration, getting to know the logistics behind SEAC operations. In other words, I managed to get a glimpse at what keeps SEAC going. Administration handles the budget, fleet, equipment, documentation of personnel and their activities, in addition to a number other tasks and duties. Essentially these responsibilities ensure that SEAC can function as an efficient archaeological center. My activities ranged from assisting in the removal of excess documents that obstructed the organization of current and future important files and paperwork, collecting an inventory of all the equipment purchased by and for SEAC, and recording accurate descriptive information on surplus equipment currently located on the property. These were just some of the major projects I worked on in just ONE week with Administration, and a short week at that due to the federal holiday. At the end of the week, I can definitely say that I respect and am fully impressed with the tasks that Administration has to manage. I would also like to note that, with my tendency for clumsiness and the vast amounts of paper involved with that division, I was fairly impressed with myself for not getting a papercut!