Artifact of the Week: Beeman’s B.Q.R. cough medicine


This is a Beeman’s B.Q.R. cough medicine bottle collected by SEAC archeologists this week from a historic house site at Little River Canyon National Preserve. Beeman’s Laboratories, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia began marketing B.Q.R. on January 22, 1931 according to the trademark application filed with the U.S. Patent Office on July 30, 1946 (Trade-Mark 436637, Ser. No. 71506497). The pictured medicine bottle bears an Owens-Illinois Diamond-IO maker’s mark on its base. A number 2 to the right of the embossed Diamond-IO mark and a 12 to the left indicate that the bottle was made in 1932 at glass plant #12 in Gas City, Indiana (Toulouse 1971:395; Lockhart 2004:3).