Artifact of the Week: NATR Projectile Points

NATC projectile points

Top row: Collins type points, AD 500-1000; Middle row: Untyped; Bottom row: Abandoned preforms.

These projectile points were recovered as part of a 2003 survey of a field southwest of the Mount Locus Inn, which is located in Mississippi at mile marker 15 on the Natchez Trace Parkway. The Parkway is 444 miles long and stretches through Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. The general area of the field contains a number of culturally significant features, including a natural knoll used as a mound during the Coles Creek period from 600-800 AD, a slave cemetery known as the Chamberlain Cemetery, and the Inn itself, which was constructed in 1780.

The 2003 project began with a geophysical survey, and then archeologists used this information to excavate several test units to help with the interpretation of the results. Based on evidence from this investigation and previous investigations conducted at the site, archeologists believe this was the site of a Native American village which contained at least seven structures.  The high concentration of lithic artifacts suggests that tool production was taking place at the site.