These three sherds are examples of Pee D

These three sherds are examples of Pee Dee Complicated Stamped wares. They were found in Congaree National Park, formerly known as Congaree Swamp National Monument, during a 1978-1979 #survey of the park. They originated from a site along the #Congaree River. The intricate #designs were produced by pressing a carved wooden #paddle into the surface of the clay. Concentric #circles are a common design on Pee Dee stamped wares, but several other patterns are common, including combinations of curvilinear and rectilinear #patterns. The designs are typically well-executed and uniform. These sherds, along with several other untyped examples found at the site, have a high level of sand tempering. Pee Dee wares date to the Middle Mississippian period, approximately AD 1200-1450.
Catalogue #s: COSW 66, COSW 71, COSW 72