Life of an Artifact: Conclusion The stor

Life of an Artifact: Conclusion
The storage facilities at SEAC serve as the repository for the entire Southeast Region. The facilities are temperature and humidity controlled to halt the degradation of the artifacts, and they are restricted to ensure the safety of the artifacts. Due to this restriction and our security measures we can’t show you our storage facility, but it is cleaner, better organized, and easier for researchers to access than this…

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Storage facilities photo (Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Paramount Pictures)

Life of an Artifact: Part 8 Once all of

Life of an Artifact: Part 8
Once all of the information has been captured and the artifacts have been numbered and bagged, the artifacts are placed into a white box with archive quality box-lists. This box-list features the storage location information that is found in the electronic database. The box-list aids researchers in finding a specific object when they need to access a collection. Now, the artifacts are ready for storage.

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@NPSSEAC conducting Section 106 Compliance work at Russell Cave National Monument this week. Russell Cave provides a remarkable record of Southeastern Native American cultures, with a nearly continuous record of occupation from the Late Paleoindian to Mississippian periods.